Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers For Back Pain

These are the Best mattresses for putting Back Your Pain to Bed

 There’s a huge selection of mattresses on the marketThe best mattress for you will depend on the weight, height, and location.

Test different kinds of mattresses (e.g. hybrid all foam) before you make the decision. You may want to try out various types of mattress (e.g. hybrid all foam).

Continue reading to learn about the most important features of a mattress and what research has to say about which mattress type is best for your back pain. Our eight top-rated mattresses are based on reviews from sleep experts and clinical studies.

These top picks for back pain relief are

 Reviews by customersOur search for mattresses that had received favorable reviews from back pain sufferers was extensive.

Optional support options that can be addedMattresses that offer additional support. Some mattresses have a more firmly supported lumbar.

The company’s policies. We only review mattress brands that let users to test their products before you purchase in stores or by registering for a trial.

 There are a variety of optionsWe wanted options that would suit different preferences, so we listed both foam and hybrid options.

Mattress Pricing Guide

$ = under $1,500

$$$ = more than $2,000

The cost of mattresses can be different according to the size of the mattress.

Saatva Classic mattress

saatva classic mattress

Price: $

Type: hybrid

Height: 11.5 or 14.5 inches

Saatva Classic is manufactured in the USA with recycled steel springs, and an organic cotton covering. CertiPURUS certified foam pillows are contoured to support your back, hips and shoulders.

Saatva mattresses can only be purchased on the internet. The company does offer the opportunity to try a home trial for 120 nights and is able to exchange or return your mattress for $99 shipping fees.

The mattress was generally praised in reviews, but a few customers were unhappy with the heavy weight and off-gassing. This is a problem foam mattresses often have.

You can buy the Saatva Classic mattress online.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

dreamcloud mattress

Price: $$

Type: hybrid

Height: 14 inches

 The hybrid mattress is comprised of memory foam gel with cashmere and cashmere blend plush top, as well as individually wrapped innerspring coils

Some reviewers have complained that the mattress lacks edge support. This means that the edges of your mattress might sink when you sit or lie down directly on them.

DreamCloud is only available onlineHowever, the mattress is covered by a lifetime warranty and a trial for free.

Online Purchase of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials mattress

sealy mattress

Price: $

Type: hybrid

Height: 12 inches

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials mattresses combine CertiPUR US certified gel memory support foam with a top layer and a barrel-shaped coil foundation. Posturepedic mattresses are known for their support of your core and back.

 The cover made of polyester keeps moisture away from your body and helps you to sleep cool. 

Sealy mattresses have been manufactured for over 100 years. They are readily available in store as well as online, so you can check them out before you purchase.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials Mattress online

King Koil mattresses

king koil mattress


Price: $$

Type: hybrid

Height: 14 inches

King Koil’s Xtended Life Grayson Firm hybrid mattress features a high-density foam and graphite-infused latex that offers coolness along with pressure relief, durability and comfort. Steel coils are used to help support your body and allow it to be aligned. They can help to reduce the motion disturbance.

The International Chiropractors Association endorses King Koil. It is possible to purchase the mattresses at a store, and you can also try them out before buying. But, the company does not offer a trial period or sell the mattress online. The warranty for the mattress is 25 years.

King Koil mattress is available in local stores

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Price: $

Type: foam

height: 12 inches

The Nectar mattress is medium-firm and almost has no movement transfer.

The mattress can be used in conjunction with any bed platform of any kind.

Shop on the internet with confidence, thanks to an 365-day free trial without shipping fees, and a lifetime guarantee

Purchase the Nectar Memory Foam mattress online.

Amerisleep AS2 mattress

Amerisleep AS2 mattress


Price: $$

Type: foam

Height: 12 inches

Amerisleep states that its plant-based memory foam mattress is five times more permeable than other memory foam. They bounce back so you don’t get sunk into them.

 The Celliant Celliant cover makes the mattress cool. 

While the AS2 is not sold in stores currently, Amerisleep offers a free trial period of up to 100 days and returns or exchanges with scheduled pick-up. Shipping and delivery are completely free.

It is not recommended for sleepers who are side-sleeping because the mattress was created for back stomach sleepers.

Online order of the Amerisleep AS2 Mattress.

Eight Pod Pro mattress

Eight Sleep The Pod Pro mattresses

Price: $$$

Type: foam

Height: 12 inches

The four layers of high density foam on this mattress is a great source of comfort and cushioningIt is comfortable for stomach and back sleepers, but it might not be suitable for people suffering from back discomfortIt’s possible that it’s not as solid as alternatives and could prove to be too soft for certain.

 The “smart” mattress provides the ability to regulate temperature and track sleepA removable knit cover for the mattress conceals tiny tubes of water.

 Dual controls allow the user to cool or heat water, as well as adjust the temperature of the two sides of the bedSensors can adjust the temperature of your body as its temperature changes over the night.

The mattress can track your heart rate, sleep cycles and heart rate.

Eight Sleep gives you a free 100-night trial, no shipping charges and returns for free. The mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty and the tech and temperature mechanism comes with a one-year warranty.

Order the Eight Sleep The Pod Pro mattress online.

Puffy Lux mattress

Puffy Lux mattress

Price: $$

Type: foam

Height: 12 inches

The Puffy Lux is made up of four layers. The third and fourth layers offer a level of support, reducing pressure points.

 The mattress of Puffy is compatible with all types of beds . It comes with an easy-to-clean cover

While the majority of reviews are positive, people who sleep on their sides felt uncomfortable and that the mattress was sinking at late at night. The mattress is moderately firm, which means it may not be the right choice for you if want a more firm alternative.

Puffy doesn’t offer its mattresses in stores. However they do offer free shipping.

Order the Puffy Lux mattress online.

What are the most effective ways to buy an mattress?

1. Support

What is proper support?

 It is recommended to align your spine. The spine should be in neutral alignment.

Comfortable for your hips, shoulders and back. The mattress must provide enough support to ensure your hips, shoulders, and lower back are comfortable.

Do the following when you buy in person:

Put your back on the mattress and be checked by someone.

Move someone else to the opposite side of bed and determine if motion has been transferred.

Assessment software is also available at some stores.

BridgeIT is a method of technology that some retailers utilize. It determines the place where your body’s body is the most close to the surface.

Although the app does not recommend any specific brands, it can help you find three to four mattresses that are most suitable for your needs.

Trusted Source’s study from 2003 discovered that a mattress with a firm or medium feel is the best for back pain. To get an idea of the firmness level of the mattress, you can browse online for reviews.

2. Comfort

It’s all about personal preference.

To ensure comfort:

You can also shop in the store in. You can try out various types and brands of mattresses at a mattress shop or department store. Take note of the make and model that you likeSome mattress companies do not sell their mattresses in storesOthers may have showrooms where you can test them out.

Be patientEach mattress must be tested at least once every 15 minutes.

A 2008 Trusted Source study of over 100 people suffering from chronic lower back pain discovered the fact that either a bed made of water or a foam mattress, was slightly better for back symptoms and more comfortable to sleep on than a hard bed. The differences were not substantial.

 Experts suggest that you use a mattress that is adjustable base. 

3. Value and cost

Mattresses can be expensive. It is important to consider how much time and how comfortable you will sleep.

 Terry Cralle RN clinical sleep educator says that a good mattress is not something to be focused onYou’ll see the numerous benefits that come with your purchase.

4. Brand Name

A mattress made by a reputable brand must have a solid construction and be made of high-end materials.

 Different brands are produced by the same factory using the same materials and construction There could not be any distinct differences between brands.

5. Sleeping Position

Your back pain can be affected by your sleeping position

For those who sleep on their sides, a mattress with a soft surface more comfortable. This reduces pressure points. This will prevent your spine from sinking into the mattress.

6. Allergens

 Make sure you read the list of materials on the mattress you’re considering buying. Certified foam is better than uncertified foam.

7. Air Bed

Does the store offer delivery and installation of your mattress?

It is vital to plan how you will remove your mattress and then put in new ones, if you buy a mattress from a website.

9. Delivery Options

 The mattress can be evaluated at home up to a month by several businessesFor a small fee, you can exchange the mattress, or even return it.

10. Warranties

Then, you should read the directions for returning the mattress. What are your responsibilities , and what should the mattress store or the company handle?

You might need to roll up the foam mattress you bought shrink-wrapped.

Most mattresses include the support core as well as an upper layer of padding.

1. Innerspring

Steel coils can be used to support innerspring mattresses.

There are a myriad of possibilities for padding that you can choose to use to safeguard the coils. It will have an impact on the stability and comfort.

If you share a bed, the coil configurations can make an enormous difference in the way you transfer your movements to the other person. The mattress provides support to the body’s shape is also affected.

2. Memory foam

 Memory foam mattresses constructed of high density polyurethane foam are manufacturedThe foam molds to the body.

3. Latex foam

Latex mattresses make use of latex foam as a support. Latex can be made from petroleum or plant-based substances.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are constructed up of steel coils that provide support and foam or latex on the top for comfort.

5. Pillow top

 Pillow-top mattresses can be made with padding, support and additional layers 

6. Gel

Gel mattresses combine foam and gel.

7. Air bed

Air mattresses can be adjusted to their firmness.

8. Waterbed

Waterbeds are built from water.

9. Adjustable beds

 The beds appear similar to conventional mattresses. Some models have dual controls which allow you to alter the position of your partner and yourself.

Is a mattress able to cause back pain?

Yes. No mattress should be able to support your natural curves of your spine.

Uncomfortable mattresses can cause you pain by making you shift or move your body.

Can you replace your mattress to relieve back pain?

 It might help, but it’s not guaranteed to fix the issueA supportive mattress could help lessen the pain.

What mattress style is the best for relieving back pain?

According to 2015 Trusted Source, the best mattress is a medium-firm, adjustable mattress.

 Personal preference is not taken into consideration

What kind of mattress is ideal to ease back pain?

This is a personal preferenceBut foam mattresses tend to be less flexible and less supple than hybrid or innerspring models. Foam mattresses of all kinds should be avoidedBut some may prefer the feel of foam.

Sleep is an essential part of the day. It’s crucial to pick an item you enjoy.

Trusted Source’s 2009 study indicates that changing the bed can help you sleep better.

 Mattresses can be expensive

 Be aware of all the elements above when shopping for mattressesExperts in sleeping health say that a high-quality mattress is one of the most crucial investments you can make for your well-being.