Best Mattress Pads For Back Pain

These are The Best Mattresses for Relieving Pain at Bed

 There are a myriad of fantastic mattresses on the marketYour height, weight, and sleeping position will help you pick the perfect mattress.

Explore different mattresses (e.g., hybrid all foam) before you make a decision. hybrid all foam) before making a decisionThen, narrow down the brands you are most interested in, and then look for specific featuresMany companies offer free home trial if you buy their mattress online.

Continue reading to learn about the most important features of a mattress and what research has to say about which mattress type is best for your back pain. Our eight top-rated mattresses are based on reviews from sleep experts and clinical studies.

These are our top recommendations for relieving back pain

 Customer reviews. We looked for mattresses with positive reviews especially from back pain sufferers.

Options that provide additional supportMattresses that offer additional support. Certain mattresses offer greater amount of support in the lumbar.

 Policies of the companyOnly mattress brands which offer a free trial let you try before you buy.

 There is a wide range of optionsTo make sure that we have the right options for any preference, we provide both hybrid and foam options.

Mattress Pricing Guide

$ = under $1,500

$$$ = more than $2,000

Mattress prices can differ depending on their size.

Saatva Classic mattress

saatva classic mattress

Price: $

Type: hybrid

Height: 11.5 or 14.5 inches

Saatva Classic is manufactured in the USA with recycled steel springs, and an organic cotton covering. CertiPURUS certified foam pillows are contoured to support your back, hips and shoulders.

Saatva mattresses can only be bought online. But, the company provides an opportunity to test the mattress for 120 days and you can swap or return the mattress it for a shipping charge of $99. Saatva can finance your mattress and will get rid of it once they are able to deliver the new mattress.

While the mattress has been received with great enthusiasm However, there have been complaints regarding its weight and offgassing. This is a regular issue with foam mattresses.

You can buy the Saatva Classic mattress online.

DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

dreamcloud mattress

Price: $$

Type: hybrid

Height: 14 inches

The hybrid mattress is constructed from cashmere mix , plush top and coils of innerspring individually wrapped. This mattress is made to help reduce motion transfer so that you don’t wake up with your partner’s movements at night.

 Some users have complained about the mattress’s lack of edge support. If you sit down on your side, or lay down on them, they may sink.

DreamCloud is available only onlineThe mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a free trial.

Purchase online of the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials mattress

sealy mattress

Price: $

Type: hybrid

Height: 12 inches

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials mattresses combine CertiPUR US certified gel memory support foam with a top layer and a barrel-shaped coil foundation. Posturepedic mattresses are known for their support of your core and back.

 The polyester covering draws the body’s moisture away to keep your body cool. Two people can also sleep side-by-side because of the low motion transfer.

Sealy mattresses are built to last over 100 years of use. They are available in stores and online so that you can take a look prior to purchasing.

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Essentials Mattress online

King Koil mattresses

king koil mattress


Price: $$

Type: hybrid

Height: 14 inches

King Koil’s XtendedLife Graysonfirm hybrid mattress is composed of a high-density foam layer and a graphite-infused latex layer. This combo provides support and pressure relief, as well as comfort and alignment. They also help reduce motion disturbance.

The International Chiropractors Association endorses King Koil. You can purchase the mattresses in stores, and you can try the mattress before you buy. The company doesn’t offer a trial or sell online.

King Koil mattress is available in local stores

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Nectar Memory Foam mattress

Price: $

Type: foam

height: 12 inches

The Nectar mattress has a medium firm feel and virtually no movement transfer.

It can be used with virtually any mattress platform or sleeper.

Shop online with confidence thanks to an 365-day free trial with no shipping costs, and a lifetime guarantee

Purchase the Nectar Memory Foam mattress online.

Amerisleep AS2 mattress

Amerisleep AS2 mattress


Price: $$

Type: foam

Height: 12 inches

Amerisleep claims its partially made of plant-based memory foam has five times the breathable than other memory foam. AS2 mattresses are designed to cushion your hips and shoulders. They bounce back, so you don’t get sunk into them.

 The Celliant Celliant cover keeps the mattress cool. 

While the AS2 is not sold in stores currently, Amerisleep offers a free trial period of 100 days and a return or exchange policy with scheduled pickup. Shipping and delivery are free.

It’s not recommended for sleepers who are side-sleeping since the mattress was developed for stomach sleepers who have backs.

Online purchase of the Amerisleep AS2 Mattress.

Eight Pod Pro Mattresses

Eight Sleep The Pod Pro mattresses

Price: $$$

Type: foam

Height: 12 inches

This mattress is made up of four layers of foam with a high density.

 The “smart” mattress is able to provide the ability to regulate temperature and track sleepA removable knit cover for the mattress protects tiny water tubes.

Dual controls allow you to either cool or heat water, and determine the temperature of the water on the opposite side of your bed. The temperature can be set through sensors when your body temperature changes over the night.

The mattress monitors your heart rate and pulse.

Eight Sleep gives you 100 nights of trial time for free, free shipping and free returns. The mattress is covered by a 10-year guarantee and the technology and temperature mechanism are covered by a year warranty.

Buy the eight Sleep The Pod Pro mattress on line.

Puffy Lux mattress

Puffy Lux mattress

Price: $$

Type: foam

Height: 12 inches

The Puffy Lux is made up of four layers. The second and third layers provide the support needed to minimize pressure points.

 The Puffy mattress is able to be used with any bed base

 The majority of reviews are favorableHowever, side sleepers complained that the mattress was soft and it would sink at night

Puffy does not sell its mattress in stores , but they do offer free shipping. Puffy offers a free 101-night trial and a lifetime warranty.

Purchase the Puffy Lux mattress online.

What are the best ways to purchase mattresses?

1. Support

What is considered to be proper support?

Your spine needs to be aligned. Your spine should be in neutral alignment.

Comfortable for your hips, shoulders and back. The mattress must provide enough support to ensure your hips, shoulders, and lower back are comfortable.

Shop in person and do the following:

You should lie mattress back on and check it by someone.

Move someone else to the opposite side of the bed , and examine if movement has been transferred.

Assessment software is also available in certain shops.

BridgeIT is a technology used by a few retailers. It analyzes the areas where your body has the greatest contact with the surfaces.

Although the app does not recommend any specific brands, it can help you find three to four mattresses that are most suitable for your needs.

 Trusted Source found that an average firm mattress was most effective for back pain in an study conducted in 2003

2. Comfort

Personal comfort is what matters.

To ensure comfort:

You can buy in person. You can try out different brands and types of mattresses at an online mattress store or a department store. Take note of the make and model you loveSome mattress companies don’t offer their products in retail storesOthers may have showrooms where you can test their products.

Take your timeEvery mattress needs to be tested at least once every 15 minutes.

 A 2008 Trusted Source Study of more than 100 people suffering from lower back pain discovered that either a bed with a water mattress or foam mattress was slightly better and more comfortable for them than a rigid mattress. 

 Experts suggest you pair your mattress with an adjustable foundation. This will enable you to adjust the height of the mattress to suit your needs.

3. Value and cost

Mattresses can be expensive. It is important to consider how much time and how comfortable you will sleep.

 Terry Cralle RN clinical sleep educator suggests that a comfortable mattress is not something to be concerned aboutYou’ll see the numerous benefits that come with your purchase.

4. Brand Name

A mattress that is made by a trusted brand should have a sturdy construction and be constructed with high-quality materials.

It can be possible for different brands to be manufactured in the same factory, making use of the same material and construction. Some brands may not have significant differences between them.

5. Sleeping Position

The back pain you experience can be impacted by your sleeping position

For sleepers who are side-sleeping, a mattress with soft tops may be more comfortable. This can reduce pressure points. This can prevent the spine from sinking.

6. Allergens

 Make sure you check the list of materials before you purchase any mattress. Avoid foams that could contain harmful chemicals.

7. Air Bed

Is the store willing to provide and install the mattress?

It is essential to consider how you’ll get rid of your mattress and get new ones, if you buy a mattress online.

9. Delivery Options

It is possible to test the mattress at home for a month with a variety of organizations. You can return the mattress or change it if it doesn’t fit your needs for a small fee.

10. Warranties

You should review the instructions for returning the mattress. What are your responsibilities , and what should the mattress store or the company take care of?

You might need to roll up the foam mattress you bought shrink-wrapped.

Most mattresses have a support core and an upper layer of cushioning. There are many types of mattresses with each having their own benefitsBelow are nine different examples:

1. Innerspring

Steel coils are utilized to support innerspring mattresses.

There are a myriad of options for padding that you can put in place to protect the coils. It’s going to have an effect on comfort and stability.

 A mattress shared with a partner can make a huge difference in the way your movements are transmitted to them. Also, the mattress’ support of your body contours may be affected.

2. Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses are constructed from high density polyurethane foam. This foam forms to the body of the sleeper.

3. Latex foam

 Latex mattresses are created using latex foamLatex can also be produced from petroleum-based or plant-based substances.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are constructed from steel coils, which offer cushioning and foam on the top for comfort.

5. Pillow top

 Pillow top mattress are constructed using extra padding. 

6. Gel

Gel mattresses mix foam and gel.

7. Air bed

Air mattresses come with an adjustable firmness that can be adjusted.

8. Waterbed

Waterbeds are constructed of water. They are made of wood with a hard-sided frame or soft-sided by frames of foam enclosed by the form of a zippered cover. They can be used in conjunction with traditional beds or platforms.

9. Adjustable beds

 These beds look very similar to traditional mattresses. Some models have dual controls that allow for you to alter the position of your spouse or yourself.

Can a mattress cause back pain?

Yes. No mattress should be able to support your natural curves of your spine.

An uncomfortable mattress can cause you to move around , or turn and toss which can result in back pain

Do you need to replace your mattress in order to lessen back pain?

 This can help but it’s not a guarantee it will cure your issueSupportive mattresses can be beneficial in reducing pain.

What mattress style is the best for relieving back discomfort?

According to 2015 Trusted Source, the best mattress is a medium-firm, adjustable mattress.

Your personal preference isn’t considered. The ideal mattress to relieve back pain is one you are comfortable with and which allows you to doze off like a child.

What type of mattress is the best for back discomfort?

It’s a personal preferenceHowever foam mattresses are less comfortable and more supple than innerspring and hybrid models. Foam mattresses of all kinds should be avoidedHowever, some individuals may prefer the feel of foam.

Sleeping is an essential part of your daily life. It is essential to choose an appropriate mattress.

Trusted Source’s study from 2009 proves that changing your mattress can enhance your comfort when you sleep.

 Mattresses can be expensive

 Consider all of these elements when looking for an appropriate mattress. Sleep experts say that a high-quality mattress can be a wise investment for your health.